Partner with us​

Join us as a valued partner in our mission to promote peace, self-reliance and dignity. We understand the unique challenges and struggles that displaced individuals and families face daily because we are refugees ourselves. That’s why we are dedicated to using our contextual knowledge and expertise to help our communities in need.

Our team consists of refugees who speak local languages, understand the local culture and norms, and are intimately familiar with local needs. This allows us to effectively and efficiently provide support to those who need it most. By supporting us with the resources we need, you can help us multiply our reach and make a real impact in the lives of refugees.

We focus on empowering youth, women and girls to participate actively in local leadership, peacebuilding, and development. We are strengthening their participation by increasing access to education, financial resources, knowledge and skills in conflict resolution and peacebuilding, business, technology, entrepreneurship, and vocational training.

Supporting refugee-led organizations like ours is a better way to help those in need. When you empower refugees to lead and serve their own communities, you help cultivate a sense of agency and dignity among displaced individuals and families. Your donations go directly to providing essential services and support to refugees in our community.

Together, we can empower the most vulnerable women and youth to rebuild their lives and livelihoods while improving their safety and wellbeing. Thank you for your support!

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