What We Do

Peacebuilding & Reconciliation
CECI works to promote peaceful resolution of disputes and reconciliation, build and increase peaceful coexistence and social cohesion among refugees and with host communities through dialogues, negotiations, debates, group discussions, trainings/workshops, recreational activities, poems, media programs and community and school outreaches.

  • Hate speech mitigation & media literacy
  • Dialogues & community outreaches
  • Conflict management & resolution
  • Trauma healing & peace education

Interventions are aimed at building skills to support development and peace,build resilience and increase employability through vocational or entrepreneurial skill trainings, trauma healing and income generating activities.

  • Vocation training  for youth
  • Entrepreneurial skill training for youth
  • Income generating activities for youth
  • Girls Empowerment in Technology

CECI’s interventions are aimed at promoting girl child education and early childhood development through advocacy, increasing community understanding and knowledge about HIV/AIDs care and prevention, and eradicating Gender Based Violence (GBV) in all its forms by going beyond awareness creation to capacitating victims to act.

  • Advocacy, community education, and provision of scholastic materials to promote girl child education.
  • Support girls to manage their Menstrual Hygiene safely through awareness and provision of sanitary kits.
  • Provide scholarship opportunities to promising girls to complete primary/high school
  • Awareness raising on HIV/AIDs care and prevention
  • Community awareness and capacity development to eradicate Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in all its forms.
  • Run educational radio programs for children to promote early childhood development

Environmental Management
CECI works with the community, stakeholders and well-wishers to green the environment through tree planting and community education on conservation of environment.

  • Community Education to counter climate change and support environmental conversation
  • Promote tree planting, use of alternative fuel sources, and proper waste disposal
  • Community training on Charcoal ball and Biogas making

Our Approach

We encourage our beneficiaries to participate actively in our programs right from the needs assessment to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation and sharing of lessons learned

CECI puts the community in the forefront to all its programs

CECI work and coordinate its activities with the government and non-governmental organizations, refugee structure and the line ministries within its operation areas

All the program activities and corresponding budget allocated for those particular programs are transparent; anyone at any time can have access to this information, if requested.

Program activities will not be imposed from the topmost but are selected based on the demand made by the beneficiaries.