We promote girl child education and early childhood development through menstrual hygiene management, advocacy, community awareness and education, educational materials, public health promotion, gender-based violence community awareness and empowerment, and educational radio programming for children.

Specific Activities
  • Advocacy, community education, and provision of scholastic materials to promote girl child education.
  • Support girls to manage their Menstrual Hygiene safely through awareness and provision of sanitary kits.
  • Provide scholarship opportunities to promising girls to complete primary/high school
  • Awareness raising on HIV/AIDs care and prevention
  • Community awareness and capacity development to eradicate Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in all its forms.
  • Run educational radio programs for children to promote early childhood development
  • Primary and accelerated education programs (AEP)

Helping Kids Heal Through Creativity​

Transformative Art Therapy for Children

We use art and drawing as trauma therapy and social cohesion tools to provide healing and hope to children in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, home to over 270,000 refugees. We require more funding and support to continue offering arts, culture, and play-based activities that help them emotionally reconcile with trauma and grief.

We run art therapy programs for children affected by conflict in Northern Uganda, where 84% of refugees are women and children. These programs help emotionally reconcile refugees, including unaccompanied minors facing ongoing trauma, with their trauma and grief. 

Our Educational Art therapy programs provide emotional healing for children affected by conflict, allowing them to reconcile with their past traumas by drawing and destroying their bad memories while focusing on positive ones.

Public Health Awareness

Fighting Malaria: Radio Spot Messaging for Community Awareness and Prevention.

Educating communities to prevent COVID-19, Malaria, HIV/AIDs, Cholera, Typhoid, Ebola and measles.

Protecting Communities: Multilingual Music for COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention.

Voices Unheard: The Impact of COVID-19 on Refugee Women and Girls.

Exposing the Truth: How COVID-19 has Left Urban Refugees More Vulnerable Than Ever

Covid-19 Awareness Dramas


Juba Arabic


Juba Arabic

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