Our Story

Community Empowerment for creative innovation (CECI UGANDA) was formed in May 2017 by a group of  South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. It was formed to stop violence and build peace through the innovative use of recreational activities, education, and innovations. In August 2017, CECI UGANDA was registered as a Community-Based Organization (Reg. No. 563/124) with Koboko District Local Government and later incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Reg. No. 80020002697777).  

Since then, CECI UGANDA campaigned against all forms of hate speech and incitement to violence and provided community-based and data-driven solutions to the problem of hate speech, disinformation and misinformation in refugee camps in Arua, Yumbe, and Koboko districts of Uganda. 

Today, we are working with thousands of refugees and host communities in Yumbe and Koboko districts, with more than 10 partners, to prevent conflicts, rebuild livelihoods, and increase safety and wellbeing.  CECI UGANDA is creating an enabling environment for healing, peaceful coexistence, and community wellbeing through education of protection risks. 

Our Vision

An Empowered, Peaceful, and Self-reliant community of youth who, in creative and innovative ways, contribute meaningfully to socio-economic development and achievement of sustainable peace in the indigenous communities in which they live.

Our Mission

To innovatively use recreational activities, education, and innovations to address social problems and transform community-based conflicts into a culture of peace and non-violence; and facilitate youth engagement and empowerment at the grassroots level.

Our Objectives

  1. Build peace and improve social cohesion 
  2. Build skills to support development and peace
  3. Promote girl child education and early childhood development
  4. Increase community knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDs care and prevention
  5. Eradicate Gender Based Violence
  6. Green the environment
  7. Foster creativity and innovation among youth in their respective fields of practice

Our Values

Meet the Team

Benson Khemis Soro

Executive Director

Vita Geofrey

Cofounder & Finance Manager

Amude Stella

Programs Manager

Bida Simon Sebit

Accountant & Field Assistant

James Kuma GenGen

Programs Officer